Custom Sails for Annapolis & Maryland’s Eastern Shore

For over 20 years Force 10 Sails have been devoted to helping our customers reach their sailing goals. Whether you aspire to win an Olympic medal, dominate local fleet racing or spend your summer cruising we provide the highest quality sails at the right price backed up by a team of knowledgeable experienced professionals.

We are one of the leading sailmakers on the East Coast and offer a full range of services including new sails for racing and cruising from dinghies to multihulls to maxi’s and superyachts. No boat is too big or too small if you are looking for quality sails at the right price from an experienced sailmaker who’s sailing is their passion then contact us now.

We also carry out Washing, Servicing, Repairs, Recuts, Adding Reefs - whatever your sail needs we will do it, call us at 410-310-7992.

To request a quote, click on the email address at the top of the page and provide the boat name, model, length and what sails or service you would like quoted.


Cruising Sails

Our cruising sails are built for the actual type of cruising that you plan to do. We offer an inshore line of sails made with durability, longevity, shape and value in mind for our coastal and bay cruisers.

We also build our offshore line of sails that can handle the demands of the true bluewater sailor like constant brutal sunlight, unrelenting wind and wear

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Racing Sails

Looking for that elusive edge in your 1D or PHRF racing? Talk to Matt about custom racing sails for your boat.

Whether panel or radial-cut sails made with traditional cloths or something of a higher tech like our custom designed load path race laminates utilizing incredible high modulous (very low stretch) fibers like carbon, Kevlar, Dyneema and Tworan. We can laminate these wonder-fibers between layers of mylar, taffeta or our sexiest new option; tuffskin.

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Sail Service & Repair

Time for a re-stitch, repair or re-cut?

We can launder, repair and reshape your existing sails to increase the lifespan and efficiency of your inventory. We welcome the opportunity to look you sails over and provide you with a detailed report and quote for service. We like to build relationships, not just sell new sails. If we can help you realize the full potential of your existing sails we believe that when the time comes for new sails, we will be your first thought.

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What are people saying about Force 10 Sails? Check out our customer reviews, testimonials and other awesome things that have been said. We really like building and servicing great sails for our awesome Force 10 family and apparently they love us too!