Shade Sails

 Patio, deck or seating area, we have the perfect shade sails for your home and business

We design and make all of our shade sails in the U.S. utilizing the highest quality fabrics and hardware. 

Your order will ship from our manufacturing facility on Maryland’s Eastern Shore directly to you. 

We offer many colors, sizes and options to choose from. Does your vision include a fixed shade sail designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions?  Perhaps you would prefer our furling system that easily stows until you need it? We’d love to hear your ideas!

Check out our custom cut-outs that add dramatic design elements to your lovely space.

We offer fabric colors to match or contrast with any building or upholstery for a truly organic look.

Our shades are designed specifically for your area.  


From your imagination to the virtual design space to your outdoor reality, we can make it happen. Let’s make shade!


We use the high-tech wonder fabric SolaMax for our Shade Sails. This High Density Polyethylene fabric has a 10 year warranty and will not fade or tear under normal use. SolaMax is available in 19 vibrant and stylish colors. Download the Sample Card to start planning your project.

Mounting Hardware

Our Shade Sails are custom designed and fabricated for your outdoor area dimensions, color scheme and method of mounting. These are the more popular methods of attachment of your shade sail to your framework.

Do you have something else in mind? We can do it. Call Matt at 410.310.7992 to discuss your ideas. 

Furling Shade Sail

Fixed Shade Sail

Our furling designs are perfect for regions that experience intense weather systems with heavy wind and/or hail.

The furling or “roll-up” function is also ideal for vacation homes. Effortlessly stow your awnings before you leave for the off-season.

Fixed shade sails are engineered to withstand normal weather conditions.

They can be taken down and stowed prior to severe weather events like hurricanes but this require considerably more effort and planning. 



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Shade Sail Information