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Sail Service & Repair

Here are a few of the services and repairs that we perform at our Force 10 Sails loft in Easton, Maryland:

  • Re-stitch damaged or missing thread
  • Patch chafed and worn areas
  • Re-cut stretched out sails
  • Launder dirty sails
  • Replace hardware like grommets, cringles and sail slide/slugs

Call us to discuss your sails and how we can add new life to them. 410.310.7992

Sail service & repair is the key to extending the efficient service life of your sails. Modern sail materials like dacron have great resistance to the damaging affects of UV light from the sun and salt, water and rot. These materials often outlive the threads used to stitch sails together. Chafe from your sails passing over rigging and hardware can degrade the stitching much faster than it does the cloth itself.

Did you know that periodic laundering can also extend the life of your sails? As your sails work, dust, grit and salt that have accumulated in the weave can cause abrasion from within. Most sailmakers recommend a professional wash every couple of years for your sails. We charge be the pound so weigh them then request a quote.